Madelina held the mic in her fist and tipped it to her mouth like a torch singer. She closed her eyes and in her deep velvet voice, she cooed,

It’s about time East L.A had a place like this.”


She smiled and leaned into the mic again,

“Who knew Wolfgang Puck had a passion for Mexican cuisine?”

Laughter rang through the room. All were aware that Spago in Beverly Hills was a major partner in creating Restaurante’ Tamayo.

Madelina took a breath, “Ah mi querida Familia de amigos, this is a big night for Latinos.”

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FORMOSA CAFE… Tonight Samantha felt their presence, as did Lindy whilst he poured Sam’s dirty martini with three olives, and Jordan’s dry vodka. He fed them extra olives. His convincing sincere style was the voice of authority because he was the witness. Lindy knew all. The women lapped up the impossible stories of Bogart, Gable, and Sinatra. He assured them the place was haunted by Sinatra’s pining for Ava Gardner. They believed every word because it was in the very air of the place.