My apologies…

Man Ray Black Lips
Man Ray Black Lips

Thank you for inspiring me to get ON my blog page!  I am best when I’m writing in response to humans. It is not my style to “go blog”.  Don’t get me wrong. I get it. I just checked out about a thousand other bloggers on wordpress…it was depressing. I didn’t have a clue where to begin. That’s not true. I had a Food blog, unbelievably it is still sitting, waiting in silent animation for me to post something. I simply forgot about it with the move. I call myself a linear being, moving from one project to another, and as a double Gemini I think that’s cool, but what of all the unfinished projects?

Thank god I met this Erotic dude online. He changed my mind about sex, and I started writing what I REALLY love.
Okay. The Novel is unfinished. It took a back seat to the stories we wrote incessantly and with fervor…for three years!  I discovered covertly that sex is my key to staying power.  I do love to cook, but sex, is well, addictive. And why not? 
So here is my high dive into a whole exciting genre. My erotic convoluted sci-fi  novel is coming along…I only stopped  to make The Essential Erotic happen.