There is no cure…

All my erotic  secrets are sleeping there waiting for me to wake them and share with you, my audience.

Yes! My life has been a sensual adventure. Lucky me, my sexuality was awakened early.

I found love within lust at a rather young age.  What was I to do? I delved into answering the question; who can one trust?  Sometimes a girl cannot have sex without abuse. And a woman can’t love or trust a man no matter how she re-invents herself.

Well, the answer is, she frees herself, and she writes erotica!

My thesis is: There is no cure. It is a deeply moving addiction.

I tell the truth. I think it helps that my stories are mainly fiction based in truth. You see,  I’m not going to write a non-fiction self-help book for victims because I know the world wants them cured…and that is the true fiction of it.

There is no cure!  And I am free to write my story.

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