Direct quote from Suzette Bohne’ Sommers: “Why Commit?”

“Why should I commit to this guy when every time I turn my head there’s another better, richer, sexier, man waiting for me to pay attention to him? Of course, it’s never that simple. Everyone has their flaws, and it’s easy to notice the flaws in a guy when another with seemingly less or upgraded flaws comes along. The fact is we are not all made from the same cloth. In other words, I was never meant to be in a monogamous relationship. (Meant to be?) I don’t even believe in that. I believe I was not capable of it for reasons that stem from being abused verbally, violently, and sexually as a young girl. Sum it up as a man hater? Not even close! I adore men. I fall in love much like men do…at first glance. I AM him. I see what he sees, and I love that I know what he’s thinking. That is the finest most delicious part of my life. It makes me forget the violence.



Robert Mapplethorpe: Archer


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