“Tied” by Sommers & Truheart



Sommers & Truheart

For no reason I can determine now I showed up at a wedding reception I was invited to by a guy I hardly knew. I’m not comfortable at these gigs.  The crowd is drunk, and the music too loud. I don’t drink anymore, so find myself leaning against the bar sipping punch from the fountain on the food table.   I rested my elbows on the bar, bored to death watching the happy newlyweds  whom I didn’t know, dance to those requisite depressing nuptial tunes.

I was about to pack it up when I picked her out from across the room. We made eye contact. It was  just a glance, but we both knew the other existed.

A rock  band was tuning  up on a platform outside  while the bride and groom cut the cake in usual dull ritual. I wandered out to the veranda. The heat from the long summer day lingered, and it made me horny. I decided to take a stroll  through the crowded room. I found my friend who invited me. “Ed, who is that woman in white?”  He was stumbling drunk, snatching a glass of champagne from a passing waiter, That’s the bride, you fool!”  “Asshole! I meant the doll over there with the long blonde hair”.   “No clue man, but thanks for pointing her out”. He started toward her, and I hit his shoulder with my hand, pulling him back around. “Uh Uh, hands off”.

I wandered closer. Her back was to me, her perfect ass silhouetted through a sheer summer dress when she passed in front of the light from the veranda. I could see a pair of panties that made me envision her pubic area. Is it bare like her shoulders?   I drifted closer, and found myself standing next to her, ordering a drink from the bartender. The fragrance she was wearing was flowery and sweet, and I wondered if she might have dabbed a bit between her legs.

I couldn’t  find the words to propel me to the next step.  She tilted her head slightly, and slid her eyes past mine, but didn’t dwell for even a second. I fumbled like a cad because I’m in the mood for a conquest, and her classy style told me I’m probably not her type.

The alcohol and loud music is now my excuse to lean in, “Are you a friend of the bride?”

She turned her head, blinked her large green eyes and replied, “Sorry, I can’t hear you over the band”.

Her neck was so inviting. I longed to place my mouth on it  and  take a bite.  Instead I touched my lips to her ear, “Want to  get out of here?”

I escorted her to the Corvette. I seldom take ladies to my house. I live in a studio loft on the top floor of an old hotel. It has its own charm and 190 degree view of the city with the ocean off in the distance.

When we arrived  I opened the door, and as I closed it I searched for her inhibitions. I’m not sure she’s  the type I need tonight, so as not to waste time I hasten our adventure. I forced her up against the closed door and pulled her head back by her hair. Our eyes met and lingered a moment.  I placed my mouth firmly on her neck rather roughly, and when I heard a moan of pleasure and not protest, I figured game’s on.

I pulled harder on her hair, testing. My mouth covered hers and our tongues battled for supremacy.  Her sounds were of desire and not protest.  I felt the stickiness on my leg as my cock hardened  in anticipation of certain lust.

She pushed her hips forward, heightening my need. I slid my hand under the  fabric of her dress and I found a wet spot in her panties. I slipped my finger down to discover her cunt was juicy.  How dare she begin without me!  I clutched her crotch hard. She gasped when I lifted her by her pubic mound, spinned, and threw her on my bed.

I’m not into hurting women. It is up to her by her actions whether we continue my play. I waited a moment for her to make up her mind. Instead of scampering off my bed in protest she propped herself up on both elbows and gave me a grin that in the dim room was almost demonic.  It is I who should be grinning as she cowers before me, but she met me head on, which keeps her in play.

I said with authority, “Don’t move!” She merely smiled back.

My sentiment toward her smile frustrated me. After all, this was my game!

I gave in, kneeling on the bed, I crawled up and lifted the hem of her white dress. She lifted her ass to free the silky fabric from under her.

“God damn it, I told you not to move!”

She looked up at me, her smile broadened.

My desires were peaking, and frustration had me truly angry now.

I placed a light gentle kiss on her belly and knelt between her legs admiring her. Everything was beautiful. The shape of her legs, the roundness of her hips, the way her stomach flowed down and disappeared into her panties.

I slid my body down to eye level with her sex clothed in the wetness of  the fine lubricated silk. I smelled her scent of flowers and musk, and I couldn’t resist placing the tip of my tongue on her slickness. She had oozed through the material, and it took my breath away. I was  captivated, and placed my mouth fully over her wetness and sucked on the moist slick fabric. My mind was lost in a world of scent and flavor, a world I don’t want to leave, but I must because this is my game!

Taking control again, I reached under the bed and brought out a long silk scarf. “Hold out your hands”.

Again, without hesitation she held out her hands, palms up as though expecting a gift.  I tied the ends of the scarf to both her wrists.

I climbed up and straddled her and unzipped my pants. Her eyes grew. I commanded, “Keep your eyes closed!”

I placed my cock in her hands. Her smile became a grin of desire as she ran her fingers over the length of my shaft with her eyes closed. She discovered a massive amount of pre-cum while holding my cock in one hand, and she started to play with the tip, spreading the silky liquid over and around the head with her fingers.

I thought about how great it would feel to just explode in her hand, but that was not my play.

I pulled the middle of the scarf lifting her hands away from my cock. She moaned in displeasure. I looped the scarf over a hook on my headboard. Her arms were above her head. I finally had her. The animal lust was staked firmly on the grounds of unrelenting sensation; the beast in her would be tamed this night!

I walked to the foot of the bed, removing my clothing as I went. When I climbed onto the bed I was fully aroused. I placed my hands on her inner thighs and spread her legs until I could see her cunt through her panties. I breathed in her luscious scent and sucked so intensely I soon had her vaginal lips wide open, my tongue inside being restricted by the thin tissue of her panties. I slipped my tongue under the edge and pulled them away from her body with my teeth, like a lion ripping flesh from a fresh kill.

Her labia glistened as I drove my tongue deep inside, the creamy salty liquid bubbled from the depths of her womb and filled my mouth.

I reached down and took hold of my cock. It was ready to explode and I wasn’t ready for that yet. I needed to reset my mind, to take it off her deliciousness and get back to my play.

I sat back again just to look at her beauty. I pulled out my old straight razor and placed my hand over her eyes so I wouldn’t frighten her. I slipped the edge of the blade under a strap and pulled. It cut effortlessly. I cut the other strap and folded down the top of her dress, exposing her lovely plump breasts.  I had never seen a more perfectly sensual body.

If there was any objection in her mind now her face didn’t show it. I tied her ankles, spreading her legs wide.  She was helpless, unable to move hand or foot; arm or leg. Totally helpless…totally mine.

We’re tying the knot on  June 6, 2016   RSVP please

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