This just in: S. Sommers Authors influences coming soon!

On April 22nd…Finally!  Suzette Bohne’ Sommers will be posting an interview delving deep into her influences and secrets. Currently, she is working on a new series titled The Attorneys, to be published continuously through spring  2017.

Another exciting series follows Suzette/Sarah through her career as a female model and predator in the underworld of the sex industry, as you’ve never seen it before. She describes her relationship with Suze Randall, the most famous erotic photographer of the 20th Century, and still going strong!

As a model, and a professional stylist S. has access to the private world behind the scenes in Beverly Hills, and Hollywood of the 1970’s. An era nobody wants to leave behind! Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, Larry Flynt before the shooting,  Suze Randall after Playboy…

My advice is “Stay Tuned”…

A Three Day Sail



S. Sommers

New Story!

        Suzette meets a famous Sailor in the department of a local supermarket on a scorching summer day…join her for a           three-day love story that changes her life forever.


Excerpt: She’d swept her long red hair into a high ponytail to keep it off her neck. In this burning hell of summer drops of sweat trickled down slowly between her breasts while she navigated her body toward the produce section.