Meet Suze Randall @ Penthouse, Inc. 1977


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It has occurred to me that I haven’t disclosed the intimate nature of my relationship with Alex. I was reticent to explain what was happening during those three years. I was fearful of ruining my intense intimacy with this man who bared his soul to me, showed me his dark side as well as his bright one.  It was just too personal…just the way I have always liked my relationships with men. Our privacy and especially the mystery thrilled me…the secrecy of it all kept us bound to each other from the beginning. LEVIN

“Good Evening” Night #1 by Alex Truhart…coming soon!

Editing Alex Truhart’s “Twenty-Two Days” (working title)…The finished work he insists is titled “Good Evening”….what a way to start a perfect bondage night, huh? Well, as he disclosed to me the very first day I met him, “I’m the kind of guy who likes to capture my women.” I wasn’t sure at the time what he meant, so thought he was just teasing me. Obviously, he wasn’t joking!

ANZA BORREGO!! In the works…A sexy Adventure Novel. Madelina had risen from the bottom fast, working as a woman in a man’s world, her vocation was supporting Latino artists in La Galleria Montoya she had developed a list of private collectors that had grown surprisingly quickly. Her competition with Karl is still fast and furious. She can’t help herself. Besting him is her primary goal in life. But she believes the lost Tamayo is her way out of this circle of pain.