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The Attorneys: Episode five….Mr. Roberts invites our lovely Samantha to lunch at his Italian VilROBERTS AAla in Beverly Hills. 

She’d felt a little lost, then the door opened. It was Mr. Roberts stepping out to greet her. “Ah, there you are! As though she had been lost…and found. “Come in, Samantha, come in.”  They were both wearing white…he in tennis whites, and she dressed for a garden party. He wasn’t wearing tennis shoes, but a pair of orange flip-flops instead, on his pedicured feet. She couldn’t help but notice his tanned, muscled legs. The entrance was all marble with a large chandelier above. It was a spare space with no furnishings.  “Well here it is,” he said waving his arm in the direction of the step-down living room that also held no furniture at all.  She stepped down and gasped,  “OH, Mr. Roberts!”  She couldn’t close her mouth she was so aghast.  The entire room was nothing but German Sculptures!

“Now tell me, what do you really think of my collection?”

“Oh my god!”  

“This room does have that effect on people,” he chuckled.