House-sitting with Tony

Candy is house-sitting in an unfamiliar neighborhood. She has to walk the dog every morning and evening for a week, but she has a problem with the garage door opener and has to ask the man of the house next door to fix it so the dog can’t run away. She figures out a way to reward him for his heroic efforts which leads them to create a discrete intelligence system of communication…

Part One: I was house-sitting for a client who drove up to see the Grande Tetons in Wyoming.  It’s a nice quaint small wood house in a charming downtown family neighborhood. My client left me a list of chores to do, especially important is watering her plants and many gardens; back yard and front. I enjoy it since I live in an apartment, and I don’t really have space to spread out in or even a private back yard. I’m also feeding her large golden retriever who she warned could be quite a handful to take out on a leash.

This morning started out fine walking the dog but he insisted on running onto the neighbor’s lawn. He lay down, rolling around on the cool grass. I was tugging him, “Shadow, come!”   But he wouldn’t budge. A man who appeared to be Spanish came out on his porch and said, “Hi,  is everything ok?” He was kind of cute in his black sweat pants and T-shirt. I said, “Sorry, he’s kinda hard to control”.   The guy walked barefoot out into the sunlight, knelt down, and patted Shadow. He looked up at me with a grin, “I know Shadow, and Sarah is a good neighbor, not a problem at all.” He was crouching there so close to me, I could reach out and run my fingers through his longish black hair. He said “C’mon Shadow” and Shadow jumped up and followed me back to the sidewalk. I extended my hand,  “Thanks, I’m Candy.” He smiled that smile again, his dark eyes shining,”I’m Tony, just let us know if you need anything.”

I continued my walk thinking about his blue-black eyes and wet dark wavy hair that flowed around his broad shoulders. He was barefoot in the grass. I couldn’t imagine why I thought that was so sexy.  Probably any naked part of his body would have turned me on. It’s been a while since I’ve slept with a guy, which is alarming since I’ve never had any trouble attracting men. I guessed I have just been so busy at work, and  I realized what I miss is the presence of a man or any part of a man’s body for that matter.  All the way back I couldn’t get his bare feet, his dark hair, and his large sensual hands out of my mind. 

Later that afternoon I was trying to move the hose through the backyard fence to the side of the house as instructed by Sarah. I was already having a terrible time wrestling with the tangled hose. My hands were muddy, and my T-shirt was soaked from spraying myself in the face when I turned on the hose.

Sarah had instructed me how to use the electric garage door opener so I could walk through the small door from the backyard to the side of the house, but I hadn’t used one in so long I absent-mindedly pull the rope to close the door instead of pushing the button. “Oh shit!” I said aloud when I pushed the button on the wall and it made a loud grinding noise, but it didn’t close…Ugh!   I was trying to fix it by pulling the rope again, which only made things worse. I stood there in the driveway, hands on hips, “Shit!”

The driveway was just two ruts that ran up between Sally’s house and her neighbor. Tony must have heard me swear. He came around the back of his house and said, “Hey Candy, what’s wrong?”  I bit my lip, exasperated,”Oh Tony, I think I broke the garage door!”  He was looking at my chest. I looked down and noted that my white T-shirt was soaked through and my nipples were popping out hard against the cold damp cloth. Talk about a “wet T-shirt” moment. I just looked up at Tony and said “Yikes?”  He began laughing at me, and pretty soon I was giggling too. It was funny, but we pulled ourselves together focusing on the serious business of trying to fix the garage door.

I stepped back my arms folded over my chest, watching his muscled arms raised above his head.  It was hot and drops of sweat were breaking out and leaking down his face while he strained and toyed with the chain and rope. I noted that he was almost barefoot wearing a pair of black flip-flops. “Okay, Candy, hit the button.” I turned and hit it and the door magically closed.

“Phew!” I said gratefully. Thank you, Tony”.  We stood to face each other in the dim light from a small window in the center of the garage door. I wished I could distract him again with my wet T-shirt.   I was just thinking what a silly thought that was, and started to reach for the door leading to the backyard when he reached out and wrapped his large fingers around my upper arm,  turning me to face him.

He ran his hands up to my shoulders, and spread his hands flat, then slid them down over my wet chest, cupping my soft breasts.  I gasped and allowed his lust to guide him thinking god, oh my god.  I stood still when he ran his fingers down to the hem of my shirt and pulled it up to expose my naked breasts. That’s when I took a deep breath knowing he would lean in to put his mouth on my hard nipples. He was squeezing them both between his fingers and nipping at them, one, then the other. I experienced that direct line of pain, an aching sensation flow from my nipples to my sex.  His hungry ravenous sounds made me wet and desperate.

When he looked up at me he put his hand around my neck, grabbing my hair in his fist and forcing his mouth on mine, he smashed my lips, then pushed his tongue into my mouth. He was breathing hard when he came to his senses, sort of. He was looking into my eyes now and growled “God Candy!” Then he went berserk again shoving my shoulders up against the wall grinding his erection into my belly. I decided to help him by untying the drawstring on his sweats. I  tugged them down a little so his cock bobbed out. I  pulled down my shorts and he clasped his hands on my thighs and lifted me, pushing himself up to force my sex open. I enjoyed watching him, listening to his lust, his wild thrusts. He came inside me with the growling sound of a wild animal that made me crazy.  I relaxed,  took his hand, opened the door to the back yard, and pulled him through. He followed me up the back steps into the house. Still holding onto my fingertips, I led him into my bedroom….


The guest room I stayed in was on the side of the house with a window facing the driveway,  and the East side of Tony’s house. I drew the sheer drapes across for privacy and  I walked to him and slid my fingers into his sweaty damp hair, just as I had fantasized about this morning. I pushed up on my tiptoes to kiss him.  I moaned when he sucked on my tongue, leaning heavily against him, his lips growing wetter and hotter. We ate each other like animals, growing wilder by the second until we were fucking each other’s mouths, passionately mating with lips, and tongues, and tiny hungry bites….

It was hot in the room, and I  was panting.  We were both slick with sweat. It seemed he held nothing back as we were equally meeting each other’s desire. His hand slid down my hips, dropping my shorts to the floor. I stepped out of them ungracefully as he gripped both cheeks of my ass and pulled me up hard against him, his erection like hot steel burning my belly…I was molten too…as he threw me down on the bed, grabbed my calves, and wrapped them around his thighs…he sank to his knees and tongued me…my fingers gripping the sweat-damp roots of his hair as I rocked my hips into his hungry mouth, and came to a shattering climax.

I lost my mind when he plunged himself into my swollen opening, urging me to release my juices, in a flood, our primitive instincts taking over. I could focus on nothing but the driving urge to fuck, a ferocious need to ride his cock!  

“You’re so tight,” he said. Then, “Oh god, it’s too good,” he growled pounding himself into me with punishing lunges. I could feel him hit the end of my womb with every thrust. 

He shuddered, an animal sound when he came. We were lying in a pool of sweat and cum in the sunlight with the drapery blowing from a hot wind across our bodies. Tony, sat up and looked at the clock…he was pulling his sweats back on, then went into the bathroom where I could hear him splashing water in the sink. I got up and stood in the doorway. He turned taking me by both arms seriously,  “My wife is due home, I need to go.” I held on to his hand as he backed down the steps. I opened the garage door he had repaired earlier…and let him go home…to his wife!   I had tears in my eyes realizing what we had done. But I didn’t regret it…oh no. I wasn’t  his neighbor so there was a good chance we would never see each other again…..


to be continued….



I couldn’t sleep because of the heat between my legs. I opened my gauzy curtains wide and stood naked in front of the window blinds, imagining Tony could see me if he looked out the window across the driveway. I lay down on the foot end of the bed so I would be visible from next door, and put my fingers in my sex, making myself wet and ready. I resisted bringing myself to climax because I wanted my desire to build until I couldn’t bear being without his tongue, his cock, his sweat- lustered dark skin.

I slept with my hand between my thighs, dreaming of doing unspeakable sexual acts with him. My lust was so demanding I tried to think of ways I could lure him back to my bed. But everything I thought of seemed juvenile and sadly unimaginative.

In the morning I heard a lawnmower start and ran to look out the blinds.  There was a tall skinny woman about 30ish mowing Tony’s lawn. She had to be his wife. She wasn’t at all what I thought she would be, whatever I imagined was a cute sweet young Latina girl, but this woman had drab long frizzy hair she wore in a ponytail. She was not even pretty.  She was plain. I felt sorry for her, and ashamed for judging her, as I turned and wanted to smack myself for my delusions about Tony. It was obviously a one-time fuck, a fuck I couldn’t soon forget.  but our lust was too carnal to be ignored. I wondered if Tony had forgotten about me already.

I can be such a love-sick possessive bitch!

Possessing Tony was my new obsession. Truth was, I had already possessed him, and he belonged to me. I am seldom wrong about the sexual nature of men. At least when we were together fucking each other senseless, I am positive I had complete possession of that man. God, I wanted more. I wept realizing I had only two days left before Sarah returned from her trip.

The aching between my legs was my constant companion. I touched myself, using a little warm oil, running my middle finger round and round on my clit just to the point of burning desire.  I would stop and put my panties on and take the dog for his walk. I had dreams of Tony’s tongue between my thighs, of sitting on his cock, of him bending me over…driving his hot prick inside me, maybe even doing a little anal if he wanted…my imagination ran wild.

“Boy, am I a sad case,” I told myself aloud while I poured a gin and tonic, shaking it with crushed ice, then went out to sit on the front porch swing. The sun was setting, but it was still hot. There was a crescent moon hovering above a cobalt blue Western sky.  I was wearing my lightweight sundress with nothing under it, to keep cool in the searing heat. It felt good to let the small evening breeze rush under my dress. I was squirming, looking toward Tony’s house. There were no lights on, no cars in front or in the driveway. I was becoming bored with feeling sorry for myself. It didn’t suit my usual positive attitude. I was about to go inside because it was getting dark, but I heard the crunch of gravel coming from Tony’s backyard. I couldn’t see him, but I knew instinctively it was him coming to me down the driveway. I felt an urgent wet pulsing between my legs.  I stood and rushed inside the house, through the kitchen, out the back door, into the garage and pressed the button. I stood listening to the grinding of the motor. As the garage door opened, Tony turned, and came back up the driveway, following me into the house without a word.

We fell into each others’ arms awkwardly. “I saw you through the blinds, he said. I knew you were signally me and I received your message. Next time sweet Candy, I will stand brave and let you know when I am coming so you shouldn’t need to wait for me. I will use my flashlight. Blink once means I am on my way.  Twice, I am on my way, Thrice, I am on my way.” His bright toothy grin made me happy,  and I fell on him and we laughed, biting and gnawing on each other like two hungry dogs.
“By the way,  mi carina, I am Italian, not Spanish.”

He tore at my long flowing hair, as I raked my hands through his and he put his mouth on mine, crushing me, commanding me with his tongue and his teeth. His hands ran down my back to my ass and under my dress, clawing at the backs of my thighs. He was so inflamed he raised my dress and put his mouth on my sex while grasping at my butt cheeks.  I went down with him, lying on my back spreading my legs wide while he ate me with abandon.  He raised up on his knees, “I’m not allowed to do this at home.”  And after that confession, he felt no shame in his torrid raping of my body. I was a hot buzzing furnace and I came in waves, whimpering and crying. I felt for his erection, it was hard as stone, and it was mine to possess tonight.

I got up on my hands and knees crawling up to him. I untied his pants,  releasing his iron cock.  He reached over me pulling my skirt up over my back and slapped my ass hard. I yelped and gave him a startled look. He said “I’m not allowed to do that at home either.”And he slapped it again. “Oh!Tony!”  He looked at me with an uncertain grin.  I tugged his pants down and saddled myself across his hips, holding his hot penis in my fist, “What else aren’t you allowed to do?”