Michael and Rita by S. Sommers

bubble bath aMichael & Rita


S. Sommers

Julie had a friend named Rita, an exotic Hispanic woman with close-cropped black hair. Rita was a little in love with Julie. She would have done anything for her, and Julie soon learned that Rita wasn’t above stealing for her (or from her).  Julie had a collection of trinkets and silverware Rita had presented to her after she’d admired them over dinner or in a treasure shop.

“Rita, you need to stop the shoplifting before you get arrested”.

Rita cackled holding a bit of cannabis resin up in the palm of her hand. Julie could always count on Rita to provide her a nice buzz before they left for their various haunts of the evening. It was Julie who talked Rita into the more upscale places.

“I know you think I’m a snob, Rita, and I guess I am but do we really need to hang out in this underground bowling alley?”

“It’s not a fuckin’ bowling alley, it’s a bar and your delicata act es un perversión! Here, have a hit!”

In those days most of the posh bars were not to be found in Simi Valley. Julie was uncomfortable adapting to the cave-like bars with lousy live bands. Still, they both loved to dance and they remained compañeras on the disco floor; dancing partners in a world where there were no eligible men, at least in Julie’s eyes.

On Saturday night Rita and Julie were polishing off a bottle of decent red wine before they went out for the evening. Julie was tired of her boyfriend’s tricks and misbehaviors. Rita was busy helping her drop him, and get on with her life.  “Deshacerse del Hijo de puta!”

“Translation please?”

“Get rid of the bastard!”

Julie answered her phone. It was Michael.

“I have plans,” she said and closed her phone.

Rita commented, “Poor Michael isn’t gonna get his chica’s coño tonight.”

Julie popped up off the couch and announced, “But maybe he’ll get dos chicas coños?”

They both broke down laughing because they were high. They looked into each other’s eyes, confirming the promise of true mastermind.

Julie picked up her phone. “Michael? Rita and I are taking a bubble bath and wondered if you could come scrub our backs?”

“He was probably in his car before he closed his phone,” Julie laughed.

“Ooh, somos mujeres traversos!” said Rita, stripping while Julie was filling the bathtub dumping in a ton of foaming perfumed oil.

They were sitting on the edge of the tub naked sipping wine when they heard him knock.

They scrambled into the bath and Julie called, “Come in”.

Julie was on her knees in the tub facing Rita, scooping up bubbles, covering her small firm breasts. She kept adding more because Rita’s sharp dark nipples kept popping the bubbles.  Michael walked in with his pussycat grin.  They both splashed water on him, and he jumped back out, “Hey! Give a guy a break!”

He was a sharp dresser in his impeccably tailored trousers and wild designer Italian silk shirts. Michael had a wiry and taut physique. His chiseled face resembled John Travolta’s from his intense brow down to the deep cleft in his chin. His hair was shoulder length. Julie never tired of his expressive face and wide mouth, and his sense of humor.Julie’s adorable Michael was about to get creamed.

Julie said, “If you don’t want to get wet, stay out, or take your clothes off!”

He slipped out of his clothing, folding the crease in his flared trousers neatly on the back Julie’s sofa. He was ready for them when they beckoned him to towel them off.

Rita stepped out of the tub, and Michael settled on his knees on the rug and took his time drying her, nibbling at her flesh as he patted her carefully between her legs, inspecting her dark hairy mound. She pushed her hips forward encouraging him to put his mouth on her cunt.

Julie felt a stab of jealousy but reined it in because she believed she was pretty sure she was finished with him.

Rita sauntered, and Michael’s eyes followed her ass watching her lay her body across Julie’s king size bed. He rose up and followed her like a dog in heat.

Julie attended to patting dry her immaculately shaved vagina. She stood in the doorway, watching their movements while she towel dried her long red hair. Julie realized she and Rita were true opposites, Julie with her milky skin and blue eyes, and Rita, well she was the dark goddess who would entice Michael’s cock tonight.

But he was always after something new. They’d never tried a three-some other than that other guy he wanted her to fuck at a singles party. She wondered if he was bisexual because he grew so attached to the idea of a second cock in the room.   He continuously begged her to have another go at it. She was sickened by it because he seemed more interested in him than with her. Is that jealousy? She had a lot to ponder and decided she’d think about it later.

When Julie strolled in, Rita and Michael were standing in front of Julie’s full-length mirror. He always liked to view Julie in the mirror while he was fondling her. She heard Rita squealing and imagined he was pushing his fingers inside her just like he did with her. He also liked to sit Julie up on the dresser, pull her ass forward, wrap her legs around his waist while he watched himself fuck her in the mirror.

Julie lay down on the bed staring up at the ceiling just as Rita ran out of the room screaming obscenities in Spanish, and Michael, athletic as he was raced after her.  They were laughing when he chased her back in and jumped on the bed. Rita was dripping wet between her legs, but Julie knew it wasn’t Michael’s cum because he was very resilient that way.

Another thing she knew about Michael was that he could last a long time.   She had made love with him a thousand times, and never tired of his body. She used to sit on the edge of the bed and take him in her mouth while he stood in front of her. She could bring him to his knees and straddle him on the floor sitting on his strong thighs. She would hold the tip of his dripping cock against her clit to make herself cum before he ever entered her.

Julie and Michael fucked all night long almost every night in the beginning. She liked to hold his arms down over his head and bite his nipples, and she would lick his underarms inhaling his musky scent. She made him wait for her to make the moves, then allow him finally to enter her. God she loved driving him mad. Julie liked to do things slow and easy, and time was never an issue.

Tonight was not slow or easy. Rita was a type A personality. She instinctively took the lead, like a Ringmaster, the faster the better! She wanted him inside her “Ahora!  God damn it, fuck me now!”

Rita’s next move was to face Julie with a sly smile. She placed her hands on either side of Julie’s face and kissed her passionately, her tongue lovingly nipping and lustful. She was up on her knees French kissing Julie with her ass facing Michael.  Julie thought it was quite an act, but honestly, her passion seemed real, and Michael was so hard he was about to burst.

Rita backed up in her doggie position with her mouth on Julie. Michael entered Rita on command.  Rita’s head rose while she took him inside her, her back arching down,  her ass up high like a cat.  Julie turned on her back listening to the sucking sounds and their animal cries of pleasure.

Julie had never imagined a woman going down on her. She guessed Rita would know better than many men how to go about it. She wasn’t wrong. Rita provided Julie an orgasm very quickly. Julie was very juicy now, and ready for Michael to penetrate her. But Rita rolled on her back and opened her legs for Julie.   Julie dutifully peeled the outer lips of Rita’s labia apart with two fingers feeling a false desire and she slid her tongue down to find Rita’s little bud, but Rita’s wiry pubic hair got stuck in her teeth.  That’s when she decided she just wasn’t sure how to maneuver and wasn’t really compelled to learn.

Rita was twisting and reaching for Michael, so Julie politely rolled away and let the two of them have at it.

Julie felt relieved and finally went to the kitchen for a drink and lounged on a chair with a view of the bedroom watching them complete themselves in an exhaustive fuck ritual. Rita was on top of Michael, riding his cock in a frenzy, bouncing up and down swearing in Spanish. “Oh mi Dios me jodas, me jodas!” She was quite the buccaneer, Julie’s friend.

Julie couldn’t help but think that Michael and Rita made a perfect couple. Rita would, of course, follow up on this night again and again with him, and without Julie. Rita would have fit into his swapping escapades. She would definitely enjoy having sex with other men while he watched!

That night Michael was very happy and satisfied.

For a while. Then, of course,  he begged Julie to repeat it.

Julie told Michael to call Rita. And she meant it.


One thought on “Michael and Rita by S. Sommers

  1. This was a steamy story Suzette. The girl-girl action was hot and you created some nice contrast in my visuals of Rita and Julie. Michael was of course living the dream…well, at least one of his dreams.


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