My Erratic Erotic by S. Sommers & Truheart

nude kitchen 2

Robert Mapplethorpe: Nudes, 1982-1992

My Erratic Erotic

A tongue in cheek game


Sommers and Truheart

My boyfriend Martin was in a mood last night. Out of town longer than expected, he could have easily picked up a woman in any number of clubs in Las Vegas, one of our favorite get-a-way spots because life was hectic in Los Angeles.

Martin’s moods and needs swing from requesting me to lick the salt off his amazing masculine body after a dip in the ocean, to his ideas of how to assault me sexually in public.

Tonight his virtual fantasy request made me laugh aloud. He was talking to me from his hotel room.

“Do you have a barstool?”

Well, he knows I have a red leather cushioned stool in my kitchen. I use it to sit at my island and read cookbooks.

“I would love to see you sitting bare assed on that stool”, he cooed.

I didn’t answer, rolling my eyes, knowing what was going through his demented mind.

“I want you to strip completely naked except for your highest heeled shoes and your black thong undies”

“Alright Martin, be right back.”

I kept him on hold while I unloaded the dishwasher.  “Okay, I’m ready”

“Angie,  when I say strip I don’t mean I’m going to be  taking my time while kissing you tenderly. I mean like a kid opening a Christmas present, I’ll rip your blouse open, then I’ll pop the zipper on your pants and push them down with my foot while I hold your head back with a firm grip on your hair…biting and sucking your neck until it’s red and inflamed.”

I moved from the sink to the broom, sweeping the kitchen floor, “Oh babe, that sounds so sexy”.

“I’m tying your hands together now, forcing you down over the stool with the back of my hand.”

“Now I’m  spreading your legs and tying your ankles to the legs of the stool.”

“Oh, I like this one, more please!”

I gather the wine glasses from the dishwasher, wiping them carefully with a soft cloth before I place them in the glass case.

“I have a paddle, so if you say anything I don’t like, you will get smacked, so you better be good!”

“Okay sweeties, I’ll be good”

“I also have a bottle of warm oil I can spread over your ass. I plan on making you cum more than once before I’m through with you!”

I put away all the good dishes from last night’s dinner, turned and leaned against the cabinet, “Ah honey, you’re making me so horney!”

“You cry because I tied your hands too tight so I say, ‘Oh poor baby’, and smack you hard with the paddle on your butt cheek, then I lean over and kiss the burning red spot.  I expect all my smacks and bites and pinching to cause you pain, but they’re always followed by a pleasurable sensation. The pain will become very arousing…

“Angie? Are you there?”

“Oh sorry, I had to pee.”

“Okay Angie, so I grab your thong and tear it away. I bend and kiss each side of your butt and lick the red spot. You’re bent so far over the stool your cunt and anus are exposed now. I spread your ass cheeks apart, intrigued by the promise of that sweet little hole. I have an erection now. I’m so excited  my cock drips on your immaculate carpet . I kneel behind you and pull your labia apart so I can see your creamy cunt. You are ready!”

I  felt trussed and baked like a turkey when I moved into the bedroom and began to make the bed. “Mmmmmmm, Martin, you’re so naughty!”

“But your ass is wide open like a volcano. I feel myself engorge and am rock hard. I drive my cock deep inside you ramming hard over and over until I feel your orgasm erupt, and I explode, pounding harder and faster …”

I feel excited now. I  lay down, rolling across the bed, slipped out of my panties, touching myself, desperate for the his  conclusion.


“Oh shit, Angie….late again!  Got to make my flight!”

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