My Offenses Part I JACK in Hollywood


Here’s the story you’ve been waiting for: HOLLYWOOD PARTY WITH SUZE RANDALL

In 1975 I landed a contract with Penthouse Magazine and Larry Flynt Enterprises was the newest guy on the block.  

If you read my first story about meeting Mr. Flynt you know by now that I  was Suze Randall’s artistic assistant and make-up artist.



The model was powdered and ready for action when Suze called down to me, “Want to go to a party with me tonight?”

Click, click, click. Suze loved shooting from a ladder. Of course, it’s never easy saying no to your boss, but I was more than curious. My imagination took wing. I had this idea we’d show up at the Playboy Mansion, other than that I had no idea what to expect.

Suze gave me carte blanche to some swingin’ parties. When I use the word swinging I mean exactly what you’re thinking.  I agreed to go as long as I could invite my boyfriend. And honestly? I was afraid she might consider me her date. As it turned out, she had a glitch in her schedule and gave me her pass to the party.

So I dragged Michael along, and no,  he didn’t object because he was too curious to see how the other half lived. I had to rein him in ’cause he’d been wanting to watch me have sex with another man ever since that mistake I’d made. I tried to convince him that the guy was only an exotic distraction for me.  He’d slid his plump hard dick between my legs while kissing me goodnight leaning against my car in a parking lot behind the disco club. I squirmed in the bucket seat, his hot cum in me while driving home. I missed the after sex, sex. The only thing I could do to relieve myself was to drive to Michael’s house.

Michael sensed I had another man’s scent on me. He went berserk and practically raped me on the hood of my car.  It was my fault…so there’s that. My first offense. 

The gates swung open, and the lengthy driveway led to Valet parking in a roundabout in front of a full-on mansion. It was a catered affair with a full bar, and mountains of gourmet food served by waiters strolling around offering champagne and exotic tidbits.  Models in tiny bikinis, some topless strutted by. Michael was distracted and wandered away.

“Hello beautiful, haven’t we met?”

I blinked up at the tall guy sporting an expensive Italian suit.  

“ I don’t think so…”

“Yes, of course, you’re that actress, I never forget a face like yours”.

“Oh, no, I work in the industry, but I’m not an actress.”

I felt stupid because now he thinks I’m in the porn industry. Which I would furiously insist I’m not!

“Well dear, here’s my card, you can call me anytime, we’re always looking for new talent.”

I noticed a large diamond on his pinky finger and a vintage Rolex Chronograph on his wrist.

“Promise me you’ll call?”

I promised, and as I turned I bumped into a movie star gorgeous guy in a crisp white tux shirt who took me by the arm.

“Do you know who that was?”

“Yes, I have his card”.

He held my arm tighter, “No. I mean he’s the film producer Alan Marshal.”

I shrugged.

“NO! You know, the Oliver Stone film, Midnight Express? It was the highest grossing film last year!  If he gave you his card he was serious!”.

“I really think he just wanted to get me alone”

“He grinned. “I get what you mean, but you could always say you fucked Alan Marshal.”

“I doubt I can put that on my resume”.

“Sorry I’m not of the caliber of Alan Marshal, but would you like to take a tour?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I only fraternize with the elite”.

He laughed, “I think I’m going to like you”.

I put my arm through his and let him lead me across the immaculate blinding white living room, out to a terrace.

The Olympic sized pool was frothing with men and women in all sorts of sensual entanglements. Above their heads, a tall white wall curved around the pool. On it was projected images from familiar porn films starring the famous Johnny Wadd Holmes known for his exceptionally large penis.

“Tonight it’s much larger than life,” he laughed.

“I don’t know why I bothered to dress,” I said.

My host led me past a cabana to a hallway filled with stacked cubicles, the sounds of lust spilling from them.

“How convenient”, I suggested.

My companion turned to me, “Would you like to partake with me?”…as though he were asking me to have a cup of tea.

I felt silly climbing the ladder. He insisted I go first. He called it “A matter of chivalry”.

I was titillated, knowing his eyes were on my ass while I climbed. It seemed all too juvenile to me, but I played along, pretending to be comfortable in the ridiculous surroundings.

I dropped down to my knees on the soft cotton mattress, crawled in and lay back looking up at the low tented ceiling. I felt like a captive princess, at an obscene slumber party.

My friend entered flopping down on his knees.

“What’s your name?” I asked

He smiled, “I’m Jack”.

“Ah,” I said, laying back on a pillow.

“This isn’t very romantic, is it, Jack?”

“It isn’t meant to be…it’s meant to get a quick dip into strange stuff and get out as quickly as possible.”

I giggled. Thinking it was probably exactly what Michael was doing. If  I sit quietly I might hear him moaning.

Jack’s arms and shoulders bulged when he wrapped them around his knees, his dark hair and intense hazel eyes gazing.

I decided I wasn’t going to let him set the pace because I was just not going to be that girl who moaned in a public cubicle at a sex party.

“Laura,” I lied.

Jack was stretching, and flexing his arms restlessly. When he began to unfasten the studs on his crisply pleated tux shirt my eyes grew wide.

He laughed, “I guess you’re not interested?” But he came down on all fours and crawled toward me.

“Jack?” I sat up with my back against the wall, pulling my knees in.

“Yes, Laura?”

I shook my head, “Uh-uh,” and twisted away.

Jack was looking at me with a heavy-lidded gaze while he unbuttoned his trouser fly. His tongue slid leisurely along his lips as if he were tasting me. I could have sworn I felt it between my legs.

He slipped out of his shirt revealing a taught hairless chest. 

He had a look that screamed SEX…hard, deep, endless mind-blowing sex. His ripped body was flexing rhythmically. I’d never seen anything so blatantly sexual or boldly masculine. Oh my god, I breathed, riveted, watching longingly…

The gleam in his eye told me he knew what he was doing to me…and at that moment I would have given him my ass on a platter.

“Would you watch me cum?”

I hesitated for a moment. His eyes said, “Really?”

So I nodded and propped myself up cross-legged on the pillows, ready for anything realizing he’s going to get off for me whether I want him to or not. And just for the record, I did want.

“Show me, Jack”.

He lifted himself to his knees and engulfed the wide head of his cock in the palm of his right hand, and squeezed, bringing a flush to his face that had me pulling my knees up and pressing my thighs together.

His left thumb rubbed over the disk of his right nipple. Once. Twice. He hummed a rough sound of delight that had me thoroughly engaged.

His hand quickened, sliding rhythmically up and down his thickness.

I looked away.

“Look at me!” He commanded. He cupped his balls in one hand and cock in the other.

With my eyes locked on his, I salivated. I knew I could be hot for him, but I was not going to go there tonight.

His voice was irresistible. “You’re fucking gorgeous, Laura, and I’m so damn stiff it hurts. See what you do to me? I’m going to cum hard for you, Laura.”

I flinched a bit and I think I turned my head. Not because I didn’t want to watch, but because I wondered who was listening.

“Laura! Stay with me. I’m here with you,” he said hoarsely, his hand jacking his cock with brutal speed and violence in his race to orgasm.

At his first jolting contraction I cried out, my legs quaking; I fell back on the pillows, “Oh, oh, Jack!” I still quake at thought of it, because I think I  actually howled.

He was on his knees…”Baby!” he growled, as the first thick hot burst of semen hit the sheet. “Fuck!” His groans vibrated the loft as he came violently.

I was giggling, thinking of how Jack had turned me into the girl who screamed in the cubicles.

Oh, how I loved watching him as he stretched and rocked back, his cock still erect. He lay there holding himself, catching his breath.

“Damn! that was good…come here, baby.”

I crawled to him and he stuck his tongue in my mouth fiercely possessive. I responded by straddling his hips.

“Now we can fuck.” He said calmly.

I looked at him questioningly.

“I was worried because sometimes I lose control and get rough.  I was too horny and might have hurt you”.

“I’m not afraid, ” I smiled.

“Not yet,” he grinned, moving toward me.

He lowered me down on my back, tugged my panties down and peered into my eyes, “You okay? 

I nodded.

He was rolling his hips to find my opening with the broad head of his penis, then he pushed against me gently, parting me, spreading me open as he slipped just the tip inside. I writhed yearning for him.

He reached down with one hand and grabbed my hips, stopping my frenzied attempts to push up and take more of him. I fought his hold. My nails dug into the tight muscles of his ass as I tugged him against me. I didn’t care that it might hurt. If I didn’t get him inside me I thought I’d lose my mind.

“Look at me!” Jack ordered.

I stilled to the command of his voice. He released my hips, then took hold of my wrists one at a time and he lifted my arms above my head, restraining me. He pinned me to the mattress with his hard grip, his weight, and his unflagging erection. I was completely at his mercy.

A few moments passed, then he began to thrust, stroking me long and hard. The walls of the cubicle were trembling as his thickly veined hardness claimed me. I moaned when my sex rippled in driving waves, tightening and squeezing, milking him greedily…..

Jack continued to restrain my movements, by holding me down by my hips and forcing himself deep as he came, pumping me full. I cried out chasing an orgasm that might shatter me and choked off a scream, but then I realized he was deliberately preventing me from cumming! He was holding me pinned to his pelvis and filled with his cock.

When he pulled out I was moved to tears.

He pushed two fingers inside me and finger-fucked me leisurely, sliding lazily in and out, keeping me on edge. I felt like sobbing, my sensitive tissues rippling. I was coated in sweat, barely able to breathe.

Finally, he whispered, hushing me, “It’s going to be all right baby…hang in there.” And pushed himself forward again.



The most erotic unspeakable words coursed from his mouth!  I came with a hoarse cry, my entire body convulsing in fierce tremors as the relief exploded through me.

I disintegrated, feeling unbelievably close to him…my lover, my master, my friend. “God, Jack…oh god.”

He said, “Yeah, I think you’re pretty incredible too…by the way, I’m going to need to see you again.”

There was not a question in my mind that Jack was ultimately going to be a part of my future. I couldn’t shake my emotional connection with him, it was uncanny and filled with mysteries that made my mind spin.  I just had to find my way back from the most intense sexual experience of my life and find Michael and get out of there.


To be continued…Suzette meets Jack at the Rock Concert in Los Angeles!