S. Sommers excerpt from novel: Bitterroot. Chapter titled Pilot: The kidnapping…

old cowboy

Pilot reached over and slid the heavy door closed.

 “Listen, Pilot, I’m going to be late. We need to get back. Where’s that mare you were going to fetch?”

Pilot stepped forward squeezing her arm roughly, an undercurrent of intense emotion building in his voice, “Well Calgirl, Yore my little Philly for today,” he grinned widely.

She blinked, disbelieving trying to pry his fingers from her arm. “I am no such thing, let go of me!”

But his face was dripping lust. She knew it as well as she’d known anything in her life, those bulging eyes that turned-on lethal need in father’s face. Taking another step backward, she hit the door hard, turned and tried to open the latch but it wasn’t budging.


















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