Soul of a Mermaid by S. Sommers

The Gift

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by S. Sommers

The Soul of a Mermaid

You Now have the heart and soul of a Mermaid…

YOU have been been given the gift of eternal life

When you shed the shell you are wearing, like a butterfly in a chrysalis, you will awaken in a sea of tranquility and freedom

Your lovely shining face will be eternally youthful, your hair the color of golden sunshine on a chestnut mare, and your magnificent tail a sparkling mode of sensual movement

Did I mention your navel will have a precious jewel in its center? This will set you apart from all other mermaids, it is the sign of great wisdom and allows you a place of honor because you have fulfilled all earthly tests, and earned the right to live in both sea and earth

If you choose to you may walk among the living who are in pain and give kisses to those who are unaware of your presence…except for a sensation of receiving a gift in their sleep…they will awake with a new fresh innocence, free of pain and disease

This gift also grants you the option of having sexual pleasures

You may spawn many new mermaid lives and place them in the wombs of women of your choice These mermaid infants will be heir to your throne…and be born with awareness of the sea, just as you were

They will always be drawn to the shore, and to their dear mother mermaid

So all your children will return to you one day


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