A Mermaid’s Lament by S. Sommers

rope swing

I am a powerful creative avatar, the embodiment of sea and sky in it’s mirror image

I am one with the universe

This world I have created is a result of my yearning for a place in time;

A huge experiment to find out what is above and beneath it all

What is my relationship to it now when I have shed all material possessions?

Who am I now?

What am I when I no longer reflect the ravages of materialism?

I walk peacefully, barefoot on the beach of white sand as in my visions and dreams of tranquility

I swim in the warm waters of great underground pools as envisioned in my dreams and meditations

Those caverns are my meditative walk

My soul will live simply in my palapa on the edge of a tranquil sea

I will live the stories I wrote of water nymphs and mermaids

I paint pictures of impossible skies in blues and golds

I prepare sumptuous meals of seafood and seaweed

When will we meet again?

When will I breathe in the scent of earth and salt again?