“When he takes me down” by S. Sommers


When he takes me down

by S. Sommers

I always imagine him in reality when he takes me down

He takes me to forbidden deep places

I am submerged, able to breathe a thick liquidy delicious fluid that he is feeding me, his greedy nymph

Like Poseidon he spears me

I am a gelatenous mass of quivering flesh, opening to him, sucking him in

On waking I can believe I am the sultry siren luring him into my lair

It is an innocent idea

I need this anchor to stay bouyed, stable and sea worthy

It is my tool for survival

And when he takes me down, I drown again, and again in his salty lovely insidious flesh.

The more I write, the more I find myself in it, virtually

and the more words I have to make this story float

To sail