The Rope: by Alex Truheart & S. Sommers

The Rope


Alex Truheart & S. Sommers

mapple man ropes

There is a small stream that trickles through large boulders  and a perfect tree. One strong branch hangs out above the babbling brook.
“Oh Ray, it’s  a perfect picnic spot…private and serene”
I smiled, knowing this place will be many things, depending on Eve.  I kissed her tender lips and pulled her hips toward me running my hands under her light cotton skirt.   I peeled her panties down and found her tender butt cheeks, pinching them with both hands. She melted and removed her sandals, and panties.
“Wait. Let’s get the blanket so we can spread out”.
“No, I nuzzled her ear,  I have a surprise for you”.
I strolled back to the Corvette and  retrieved my backpack.
While I  pulled a thick rope from the pack, I said, “Hold your hand out”.
I tied the rope around one of her wrists. She laughed,  opened her amber eyes wide, then consented,  trusting me as she does because I hadn’t  harmed her so far.
I threw the end of the rope over the large branch hanging over the water’s edge, then pulled on it until her arm was stretched above her head.
I looped the loose end of the rope over the branch once more making it impossible for her to lower her suspended arm.
She tugged at it. “Hey!”
“Don’t worry baby”.
“I’m not…yet”
She was perspiring lightly.  I ran my tongue up her underarm tasting the salty moisture. She purred.
I placed the end of the rope under the arm that wasn’t tied, then wrapped it around her body and threw it once again over the limb. I pulled it taut. She jerked, eyeing me suspiciously. If only she knew that I have thought long and hard about this little experiment.
Once again I loop the rope around her body, just under her ass. And as before I tossed the rope over the heavy branch above her head and ordered her, “Lean Back!”
 Eve knew I had worked on boats all my life and  was aware that I understand ropes and knots and what can and cannot be done with them.
When she leaned back I grabbed her foot, lifting it high above the ground. She squealed, but only for a moment because she discovered she was suspended gracefully from the tree in a swing style position.  Her one foot touching the ground provided comfort.
A slight breeze rustled the leaves in the trees, and the coolness felt refreshing on such a hot day.
She took a deep breath, smiled down on me, “What the fuck, big Ray?”
I placed a light teasing kiss on her barefoot and nibbled her toes. She kicked her foot like a child, eyes closed enjoying the tingling sensations.
Eve was unaware that I looped the rope around her ankle while kissing her foot. I threw it over the branch.
A moment of awareness lasted a second when she felt her other foot lift off the ground. She announced loudly,  “ Shit! I’m flying!”
She was clutching the firm rope with her only loose hand.
I asked, “May I have your hand please?”
“Please, it’s okay” I pleaded.
She let go tentatively,   and stuck her hand out…”All right, Ray, I trust you.”
I rewarded her by kissing her palm and  secured the rope. I sent that end over the limb. I made a half-hitch and ran the rope between her legs and ankles, the end went over the limb again until she was in a perfect sitting position, floating off the ground and able to move only as much as there was slack in the rope.
Eve peered down at me. “Damn it, Ray, how in hell will I  get down?”
“Did I hurt you?”
“No Ray”
“Are you afraid?”
“Are you ready?”
“Mmmmmmmm, not sure”
“Too late!” I grinned and began to tow the loose end of the rope.
She Screeched and grasped the rope in her fist, trying to take control.
The summer sun was blistering, but under the large green tree with its big leaves and shadows, it provided a welcome bit of shade, and the breeze, although no longer cool was still refreshing.
Small beads of perspiration gathered on the glistening ends of her long blonde hair. She had a look of astonishment on her face when I tugged the rope again, lifting her legs from a sitting position into a snug reclining angle. The breeze blew her gauzy skirt up around her waist.
Her knees bent and rose. Her sweet pussy was almost in view.  I   spread her legs just enough to give me access.  I stalled, taking in the beauty of her heavenly cunt.
She bit her lip and smiled slightly, unsure.
If I pulled the rope a tad more her sweet little ass would be in my line of site. Eve had become silent. Does she want all this to disappear so we can get back to our intended picnic?
A droplet of perspiration ran down her forehead and dripped off the end of her nose.
“Are you in pain?”
“Not really”
“Good!”  I pulled the rope a bit raising her legs to another level, just so her body was reclining parallel to the ground, swinging gently in the soft breeze.  This time she showed no awe of my expertise, and a small river of perspiration trickled down the sides of her face and dripped onto her chest.
I opened her cotton blouse, exposing her delicious breasts; her pink nipples all plump and beckoning. I wanted her naked. I had planned this wrong. But always prepared, I found my knife in the backpack and very carefully cut the waistband from her skirt and slit her blouse off her arms; It flew away into the tree branches like a leaf. Now she was swinging with her skirt trailing behind like an exotic bird on a perch.
Her sweat had pooled in her belly button.  I pulled her dangling legs toward my face and lapped the salty liquid from her navel.
When I stepped back I was captivated by Eve’s  long legs spread,  the bare lips of her cunt and her cute little asshole stared me straight in the face…and that space in between that is so often forgotten.
I didn’t need to bend far to place my tongue near her tailbone and in one continuous lick I traveled up and over her pubic mound. She moaned, and in appreciation immediately produced a sweet-salty cream that glistened and mixed with a bit of my saliva.
Eve was cradled in the soft sling I had designed to capture her, much like a wild forest animal snared as prey in a hunters trap. I was sure her nervousness could hardly be interpreted as fear. We had played around with bondage, but not to this extent.
We barely knew each other. We’d met down by the docks where I work. She was with a friend having drinks at the bar. I’m not a drinker, but I  walked over and introduced myself. I had just left a boat I was remodeling, needing a glass of anything ice cold.
When Eve’s friend left, she stayed behind and followed me back to the boat. We got to talking and I guess I just couldn’t resist her sparkling eyes and gorgeous smile. We laughed and I’m sure that’s what did it, although I needed her body to fulfill my fantasies. She was perfect, but was she willing?
I was showing Eve the new deck I was building when she asked to see the galley. I took her down. She opened and closed cupboard doors curiously.
“Never been on a boat before?”  I laid back on a cushion, watching. She surprised me when she crawled on top of me and removed her t-shirt.
She murmured, “Mr. Sailor man, will you check my anchor?”
“Huh?” I laughed.
“Well that’s probably not the right lingo, let me think. I mean, will you check my little boat?”
“You’re teasing me, right?”
Our second date went well too. I invited her over to my bungalow that faced the beach. She was a daring woman. I liked how easy she was. After we had a  couple glasses of wine she crawled on my bed and lay there in a star shape.
“Tie me up,  you know,  just tie my hands to the bedpost and fuck me.”
I was stoked and shocked at the same time. Where the hell did she come from?
She began taking off her clothes. I watched. My hard-on was solid rock. I had done this before, but not with anyone new. She was not my ex-wife or my long-term girlfriend attempting to put some spark back into our near dead relationship.  Eve was for real!

Part 2       girl rope tied swing

The only sounds were from the gurgling stream and my heavy breathing. I was exhilarated because I had actually found a partner who would even contemplate letting me perform this little stunt. The binding of her body, the nakedness to the world and the solitude were surreal.
I bent over and dared to probe her small anus with my tongue. It seemed to expand and contract as the sensation filtered through her brain. I was sure if we were in bed she would be clenching tight and allow herself to receive me as much and as deep as she could control. My mind was reeling. I began to lick that small area between the two heavens. I could sense her inner excitement building. She lay back gripping the ropes in a state of ecstasy.
Her enjoyment was neither spine-tingling nor low key.   She was just relaxing into a bit of oral sensation. But of course this afternoon, for me,  was beyond sensation. I wondered if she would allow me to go as far as I had planned.
Her head was resting on her shoulder, eyes closed. I pulled the ropes toward me and forced my tongue deep into her salty sweet cunt. A heady mixture of creamy juices and musky bitter perspiration; still with the hint of the fresh morning fragrance of shampoo and body oil.
I peeled apart the outer petals of her pussy. My tongue lifted her clit. I could feel her jaw clench as she let a soft growl escape.  I realized she was finally surrendering herself to the experience.
I pulled my cock from my pants and showed her how hard it was. I was leaking cum. It hung like a spider web when  I reached into my backpack.
I pulled out a jar of honey, unscrewed the lid and placed a small amount on the tip of my cock. I know in the bedroom or lying here on the blanket I would feed it to her and let her suck it from me. But with her swinging in the breeze that is not what is going to happen.
I spread the blanket we brought for our so-called picnic and lay back with my honey-dipped staff pointing skyward.
I watched a little stream of sweat run from Eve’s midsection and over her soft round hip. The droplet hung on as if afraid to leave her body and drop to the earth below.
She called to me,  “Ray, it’s too hot, please let me down”.
It took only a short time for him to arrive. But of course, it was inevitable. The water, the trees, the warm air and the sweet scent of honey.
Like a beacon off the coast of my honeyed rod, it calls to him and he cannot resist the sweetness. He hovers for an instant and without fear lands ever so lightly in the warm golden glaze.
Eve seemed fixated on my erection, watching as my friend lands and buzzes, walks and crawls over my knob. The sensation is quite stimulating: eight little legs and two continuous buzzing wings. Truly unlike anything I’ve felt before. Or maybe it was just the thought of a fly tramping around on the head of my cock.
He hovers again, and lands, walks, and buzzes, circles the rim just above my shaft. Even lands on the lower base, but it is not to his liking so back he goes tasting the sticky amber fluid.
All the while Eve is beginning to struggle. “What the hell?  Fuck you, Ray!”
I stand, my honey-covered shaft bobbing and exposed. My little friend left but for a second. When my motion stops he returns, to my delight.
I am only inches from her sweet hole and glistening sex. She is so beautiful swinging in the shade of the large green tree. If it was a part of my plan I would have sucked her clit and made her spray my body with her sweet cum.
Instead, I hold the jar of golden honey up for Eve to view and begin to drizzle it onto her sweet slit. Her eyes grow wide with terror.
 I bend over to suck the honey from her clit.  She relaxed a little and warned me. “Get me the fuck down!”
Once again I drizzle honey on her clit. She seemed so excited before, but why have her arousal and anticipation been replaced with doubt and fear?
I watch, intrigued, as the honey lingers on the edge of her labia and starts to disappear into her cunt.  She should have been content when the sweet liquid seeped into her womb.  Instead, she clenched her muscles and squeezed. A small amount of amber liquid pooled out of her and down along the crack of her buttocks.
I was enchanted when a droplet formed and hung there sparkling, the sunlight striking it between the leaves of the big green tree.
“Please Ray, I can’t!”
I pour more honey onto her bulging little bud of flesh.
I know she can feel the tingle, the tickle of the flies landing on her clit, between her labia, in her little hole. She can’t be as disgusted as she seems. It’s impossible.
“ Get them off me!”,  she begged.
She tried to rid herself of them. Why does she not enjoy the sensations? Well, there is nothing she can do about it, and of course, I stand there watching in awe with my erect penis. I can see her attempts to scratch the itch, her inner thighs quiver, her kegel muscles contract and expand, and her rectum attempts to disturb the annoyance by opening and closing in time with the twitching of her cunt.
She screamed.
 I picked up my backpack and walked to the Corvette;  brought the picnic basket to the blanket. I opened the wine and enjoyed  a sandwich while Eve kicked and yelled obscenities. I was sure she would give in and find it pleasurable.  After all my planning, how could she not appreciate my gift?  Eventually, she stopped struggling. I got up, rolled the blanket, picked up my backpack and strolled to the car.

Girl-on-swing A


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